Friday, November 29, 2013

Blak Friday Edition-50L Dont Miss

Sorry Im Late :) Please try The Demo Thankies
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Preview-Bow Set Ribbed Cotton Cami and Laced Panty

Super Plunging Ribbed Cotton Cami and Cute Laced Panties
My Fave The watermelon color AKA Torley Lol

Im Selling It By Set (Cami and 2 Diff Style Panties) of course Tango and Phat Azz Appliers Included-110L
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Try The Demo First!
Hair-Analog Dog Free Ball

Thursday, November 28, 2013


With Phat Azz Applier for Panty an Pants
Im working on the ribbed cotton panties so here's an almost free taste. Enjoy :)
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NEW Cow and Choco Chip Tees

The Cookies Has Two Colors as for Cow Tees There are Different Kinds of Color
Includes Top Layers with Tango Bra and Top Appliers
Nipple Sticker is Included with Tango Bra Applier and the Clothing Layers Should Be worn separately
Please Try The Demo Before Purchasing
Disclaimer:  Yes Its CUTE but All of My Products Are NOT For KIDS!
Thank You
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Skin and Lips-Angel-The Sugar Garden
Nails Pulcino

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wild Thang Tee-Pink

Skin and Brows The Sugar Garden
Hair-Analog Dog- Fable Splash Free Ball

Dollarbie-Mini Jersey Net Tee

Plus the denim short :)-10L I love this one i wish i could make this with Breast Applier however i will make a different version without the net looking silly with the prim chest
Hair-Wasabi Pills
Skin-Sakura Lips-Rainbow Both Gifts from the Sugar Garden Fee to join-350L There are lots of goodies and you can avail 5% Rebate with every purchase when you wear the TSG Group tag a bit pricy to join but its worth it

TeeTee Will Be Back On The Market Place

Due to Requests I'll Have TeeTee Back will all new Products so here's a couple New My Sexy "Wild Thang" Cami and Panty Set with Phat Azz and Tango Appliers 50L Each Dont forget to try the DEMO!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Band Aid Panties-New

My Handmade Band Aid Panties, Available on Pink and Beige
This Comes with Phat Azz Applier for Panty and Pants and System Layers too
The Breast Pasties is Available too but would be Sold Separately and Try The Demo First Before You Purchase, I Hope Youll Grab and Enjoy
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Kawaii Nipple Stickers

Tatoo and Undershirt Layers with Lolas Applier for Bra & Top-20L Per Design
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(Body Oil is from The Sugar Garden for The Azz Show)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fuck Doll

Lol a Fuck Doll Shop I just noticed this in Syuuchi
So I checked whats inside OMG this model pose eeeekkk
Its a good a good concept but its a bit dull dull tho and it should come up with a tip jar or something because its a Shop unless for this is just for an RP purpose only
Oh whats that Purple Dish...
 A Masturbation Dish lol...
Anyways Like Ive Mentioned from the previous post, Im so addicted to TSG, so I got me a Doll Skin I love it for some it would just look like a kid lol So what I dont give an F* they might just need to explore the Fashion World of SL
Skin and Lingerie-TSG
Boobs-Tango Mirage
Slink Feet

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Gift Wrap in Hot Pink by TSG
Hair by Exile Gear
Nurse Outfit-The Dirty Pillow Hunt Prize by TSG
Hair-Nadine Fat pack by La Viere
 Boots by Tara Shoes
 Harness By Tsg
 Hair-Red Mint
Prim Feet and Destiny Sandals in Pink by Slink (Sold Separately)
 Valentine Lingerie in Pink by TSG
Hair- by Chemistry
Collar and Bangles by D&G
Mesh Skirt by Bishes Inc for the Phat Azz Show
  So I got Addicted to The Sugar Garden It Got Exactly What I Wanted Sweet Cute but Slutty