Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fuck Doll

Lol a Fuck Doll Shop I just noticed this in Syuuchi
So I checked whats inside OMG this model pose eeeekkk
Its a good a good concept but its a bit dull dull tho and it should come up with a tip jar or something because its a Shop unless for this is just for an RP purpose only
Oh whats that Purple Dish...
 A Masturbation Dish lol...
Anyways Like Ive Mentioned from the previous post, Im so addicted to TSG, so I got me a Doll Skin I love it for some it would just look like a kid lol So what I dont give an F* they might just need to explore the Fashion World of SL
Skin and Lingerie-TSG
Boobs-Tango Mirage
Slink Feet

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