Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Free! Play Money =P

This is an Add On For Lolas
First Make A Copy of Your Prim Boobs, Drag Your Prim Boobs and The Money
Touch and Edit the Money and Press Alt & Shift Click Your Prim Boobs and Press The "Link" Tab on the Build aka Edit Mode, to link both together
Take your Objects (Prim Boobs and The Play Money) They should be linked or attached to each other
Then Wear, after wearing Edit Your Prim Boobs  check the "Edit Link Parts" to position the money
You Gotta do tweakings here and Take Note You have to make the play money as your root prim or else it would look silly once you wear them
Lastly  you can add some flexiness on it too :) Set it to 3.00 or more

Thank You and Enjoy :)
Grab It Here

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